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Bauer Nexus 1000 elbow pads vs Easton Pro 10 elbow pads

Bauer nexus 1000 elbow pads vs Easton pro 10 elbow pads

Bauer nexus 1000 elbow pads vs Easton pro 10 elbow pads

Bauer nexus 1000 elbow pads vs Easton pro 10 elbow padsBauer nexus 1000 elbow pads vs Easton pro 10 elbow pads

If you plan on playing hockey professionally, or even casually, having the proper equipment is crucial. The elbow pads are a very important piece of equipment since they protect the player’s elbow from bruising and even fractures

. They provide forearm and triceps protection and help the player feel more confident while playing. In order to help you choose the right one we have compared two products from two different brands: Bauer Nexus 1000 elbow pads and Easton Pro 10 elbow pads.


The Bauer Nexus 1000 elbow pad is a two piece design, which means that it gives a high level of protection, mobility and comfort. The biceps guard has segmented lightweight EPP foam plastic inserts that ensure maximum protection and comfort. This part has added Dome technology piece for better joint protection.

On the back, the bicep guard has a plastic insert covered in high-density foam to really keep the player’s arm protected. The elbow cap is made of molded plastic and it runs all the way to the forearm. The forearm guard also has lightweight EPP foam with plastic inserts. Unlike the Bauer Nexus 1000, the Easton Pro 10 elbow pad is a three piece design which ensures even better mobility. The bicep guard is constructed of a few plastic pieces that ensure good wrap and high level of protection.

It is padded with E-cell perforated high-density foam. It is made to protect both the player and their opponents. The biceps guard is adjustable so the player can place it wherever they feel most comfortable while still ensuring a high level of protection. The elbow cap is made out of molded plastic covered with the EVA foam. The forearm guard is separated from the elbow cap, it has plastic inserts and is padded with high-density foam.


The liner on the Nexus 1000 elbow pad is a soft plush liner, also known as Thermo Max LINER. It is very comfortable and also keeps away the moisture. On the other hand, the Easto Pro 10 elbow pad has moisture wicking microfiber liner which is also very soft to the touch.


The Easton Pro 10 has really deep elbow pocket which keeps elbow firmly locked in place. It has the three strap design: a nylon anchor strap on the forearm, an elastic neoprene strap which is placed over the elbow crease and an elastic strap on the biceps. Nexus 1000 has very similar 3 piece strap system. It also has deep sewn in elbow „doughnut“ which keeps the elbow comfortable, lets the skin breathe and keeps it locked in place.


Bauer nexus 1000 elbow pads vs Easton pro 10 elbow pads. These are two really high-quality pieces of equipment. They have almost the same price and you won’t regret buying either. I can only add that some players with thin arms have complained that the strap on the Bauer Nexus 1000 is too long. Please share if you have some interesting experience with either of these products and we can discuss it.

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