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K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates

K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates

K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates



K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates

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 K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates specs:

  • Original K2 Softboot
  • VO2 cuff
  • Performance Hi-Lo frame
  • Wheels and bearings: 100-90mm Hi-Lo, 83a/ILQ-9 Classic Plus
  • K2 Speed Lacing



K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates are very durable, competition level skates for advanced level players. With 90mm wheels in the front and 100mm in the back, allows them to have shorter frame base while still having the benefits of larger wheels. They have 83a hardness and ILQ/9 bearings which provide good durability and speed. The aluminum frame has a really good power transfer. It is attached to K2 soft boot with Vortech ventilation. It makes the boot flexible while keeping the feet drier and cooler. VO2 cuff provides a lot of stability and at the same time doesn’t compromise flex. The liner of the boot is Ultralon custom liner which is already pre-contoured which means that it doesn’t need to be baked. Another interesting feature K2 VO2 100x Pro Inline skates have is the K2 Speed lacing. . This skate is packed with the same performance features of its cousin, the V02 100 X Boa, but utilizes K2’s Speed Lacing system for closure. It allows the player to adjust the boot easily and have maximum stability and comfort while looking really cool


Possible drawbacks:

The K2 VO2 100 X Pro Inline Skates speed lacing system can sometimes break after really heavy usage.


Player feedback:

The players agree that these skates are really comfortable from the beginning. The lacing system looks good and is quite easy to use. They mostly recommend using these skates for marathons and really long strides.


Overall value:

The K2 VO2 100x Pro Inline skates give the proper value for their price. Mostly recommended for long rides but can endure competitive games too.

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